I think what this points to is a need for education on how to live sustainably on a plant-based diet. It should start with an overhaul of the USDA's recommendations, that are unfortunately overly influenced and watered down each time by industry. We need to eat less meat to reduce environment harm, at the very least. I was vegetarian for 21 years and have been vegan for nearly 10. My whole family is vegan and my 12 and 14 year olds have never eaten meat. We are all healthy.

But I went to a plant based cooking school, read a bunch of books and dedicated time to learning how to do it right. Best decision I ever made regarding my health. Now I love to share what I know with others, because I know this knowledge is so needed. (And because vegan food tastes awesome!)

Relationships | Parenting | Food | Life | Mother, wife, and left-handed herbivore. INFJ. Still a Jersey girl. jehaubrich@gmail.com for content writing inquiries

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