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Like many people, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with social media. I don’t want to give it up completely, but I’m often exploring ways of making it better in my life.

For all the negatives one can point out about the hours we lose to scrolling whichever platform has us…

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For a long time, I didn’t realize how essential a growth mindset is for successful relationships.

Often when people discuss mindset, the focus is on how a growth mindset benefits a person as an individual. It helps kids in school. It helps each of us deal with failure.

All of…

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When I look back on my life in my teens and twenties, there are five truths I wish I’d realized sooner. This knowledge would have saved me an immeasurable amount of time, frustration, and, frankly, misery.

I used this time to travel quite a lot and develop interests in the…

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Two years ago, our dentist referred us to a specialist for something he’d seen in my daughter’s jaw. He didn’t seem overly concerned. I wasn’t either until I took her to see the specialist and saw the look on his face after he examined the x-ray.

At that moment, the…

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I’m not sure how it started, but my husband and I have a “no baggage” policy. Secret resentments or silent grudges are forbidden. Maybe because our relationship started long-distance, we quickly recognized that open communication was the only way we had a chance of making it.

So, for us, there’s…

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Around 8 am on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend 2001, I gave myself a silent pep talk in the mirror. This is a necessary practice for introverts who occasionally want to pass for extroverts, without consuming alcohol.

I was at the College of Santa Fe for the long weekend…

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The first time I cleaned up some of my husband’s things around the house and he got mad I was shocked. I was expecting thanks, not complaints. Heaven forbid I put something back where it belongs. Far from being apologetic, I was angry. I felt unappreciated and deeply annoyed too.

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I’ve often had trouble getting myself to do things that need to be done when I don’t really want to do them.

But recently I stumbled upon the best way I’ve ever found for getting myself to do tasks I normally dread. …

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My husband was the one who told me that Bill and Melinda Gates had announced their divorce. He’s not one to gossip, but he told me about it in a text. He was so surprised — and disappointed.

It’s always harder to accept a split when the couple has been…

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