7 Behaviors of Teenage Girls I’m Not Going to Get Upset About Anymore

Or at least really, really try.

Jennifer Haubrich


Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash

I know I’d be happier if I didn’t let these things get to me. If I stopped taking them personally.

They aggravate me, worry me, and honestly make me feel like a failure as a parent.

Even after reading numerous articles and books to find out what to expect and, more importantly, how to react, there are inexplicable teenage behaviors I still find extremely hard to put up with.

But I’m also tired of feeling upset, offended, and deflated.

So I’ve decided that these are 7 behaviors of teenage girls that I refuse to get upset about anymore:

1) Not putting laundry away

I don’t know what it is that prevents a teenage girl from putting away her clothes. Especially after I’ve washed and folded the clothes and sometimes even placed the basket in her bedroom. I have literally done 90% of the job, just finish it, for crying out loud.

I know what you’re thinking: Stop doing their laundry. You’re right. But I can’t stand the clutter. And with the early mornings, evening sports, extracurriculars, and the weekend job, they’re barely home enough (when awake) to get it done. So I don’t mind helping.

The problem is that when clean clothes aren’t put away, they often get mixed up with dirty clothes, left on the floor, and sent back to the laundry unworn.

And hell hath no fury like a mother expected to rewash unworn clothes! *

That’s where they lose me.

2) Leaving wet towels on the floor

Why are the towels even in their rooms? They have bathrobes. Just do what I do: Dry off in the bathroom and put your robe on.

It is, as they would say, “not that deep.”

If you can do calculus, learn a foreign language, and apply eye make up better than I ever could, you can certainly hang up a towel.

Besides, who wants a wet towel on their carpet? And worse, who wants to use a towel to dry off their newly clean body after it’s been left on the floor (and probably walked on)…



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